Most Delaware residents pay premiums for their homeowner’s insurance, health coverage, car insurance coverage, and other insurance products. With this money, insurance companies become incredibly wealthy. As a result, when an insurance customer is injured, they often assume that the insurance company will help them because they’re fully covered. Unfortunately, in some cases, an injured person finds that their insurance company is not cooperating after an injury.

An insurer may do several things to make things difficult for a customer:

  • They may delay paying out benefits for a claim.
  • They may deny or reject a legitimate claim.
  • They may claim the client did not have valid insurance or was not covered for the damages suffered.
  • They may accuse an injured person of exaggerating or fabricating their injuries or damages.
  • They may make accusations of fraud.
  • They may not pay out the full benefits, leaving someone who has been injured with a lot of bills and no way of paying them.

No matter what happens, not getting insurance benefits when you’re counting on them can be devastating. A problem with your insurance may leave you with no way to meet your financial obligations, and you may feel frightened or upset. In these situations, it’s important to remember you’re not alone. Other insurance clients face problems and get through them, and there are solutions to help you.

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Why Insurance Problems Happen

Insurance issues can arise from almost any type of insurance claims, including the following:


Insurance Company Not Cooperating When Injured | Newark | Wilmington DelawareInsurance companies are answerable to investors, owners, and other stakeholders, and need to show a profit. One way they can maximize profits is by paying out smaller benefits. Insurance companies are also rightfully concerned about insurance fraud. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause them to reject legitimate claims. In any case, insurance problems can occur any time you make a claim, and the results of insurance issues can be far-reaching.


Call an Attorney If Your Insurance Company Is Not Cooperating

If you run into any problems with an insurance company after you’ve been injured, you should contact your attorney. Contacting a lawyer when an insurance company is not cooperating does several things. First, it shows that you’re serious about pursuing your rightful claim. Second, it gets someone on your side who understands the law. Most insurance companies have legal departments to protect their rights, so think of an attorney is your legal professional to help protect your rights. Attorneys understand the insurance laws that an insurance company may be referring to when they try to deny or minimize your claim.

Insurance Company Not Cooperating When Injured | Newark | Wilmington Delaware

Attorneys also understand fair practice guidelines in the insurance industry. If your insurance company is violating these rules by not treating you ethically, an attorney can step in and negotiate or even launch a claim against your insurance company in some situations. Best of all, your attorney can advise you every step of the way so you can take care of some of the uncertainty and fear you may be                                                                                        feeling if your claim is denied.

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