Anyone who has suffered from recurring back problems knows how damaging, debilitating and frustrating they can be. Back injuries are especially problematic as the back contains the spinal column, which is an important part of the central nervous system. It’s responsible for muscle control, motor skills and cognitive function throughout the body. Thus, even a minor injury can have wide-ranging health consequences. Fortunately, a skilled personal injury representative could help. With the assistance of a Delaware neck and back injury lawyer, you could obtain compensation for your injuries.

Understanding the Spinal Column

The spinal column consists of four distinct sections containing the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral nerves. These nerve clusters control movement and sensation in the arms, neck, torso and legs, as well as in the bowels, bladder and genitals. Common back injuries can include pinched nerves and bulging, ruptured and slipped discs. Symptoms of a back injury include pain, numbness and loss of mobility—when severe enough, these symptoms can limit one’s ability to carry out even basic tasks.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The back and spinal column are complex systems. To properly identify a problem, it may be necessary to conduct an MRI or CAT scan, or to perform steroid injection therapy. Once the issue has been properly diagnosed, treatment can range from surgical interventions to simple bed rest. In some cases, the full extent of the damage caused by an accident or fall may not become evident until afterward.

Back Injuries on the Job

American workforces consider back injuries to be the number one problem—they are a persistent occupational hazard for countless employees in multiple different environments. More than one million workers each year suffer from on-the-job back injuries. One in every five of all workplace injuries, and one in four of all worker’s compensation claims, involve back issues.

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure staff members are properly trained on safe handling procedures and to provide equipment for lifting heavy objects. Many on-the-job injuries are avoidable. However, if you have hurt your back in a workplace accident, or are suffering from chronic pain as a result of your job, it is important to contact a back injury lawyer to determine your rights. If necessary, you may seek compensation for your medical needs.

Other Kinds of Back Injuries

Of course, not all back injuries are caused on the job. If you’ve had your back hurt in a car accident, suffered a fall while out in public, been the victim of an assault, or had any other type of accident resulting in a slipped disc or nerve damage, you may be able to file a claim.

Get in Touch with a Neck and Back Injury Attorney in Delaware

While many people are initially hesitant to file a lawsuit or an insurance claim, doing so often becomes necessary when faced with medical bills, absence from work and other financial consequences of an injury. The sooner you speak with a Delaware neck and back injury lawyer after your accident, the easier it will be to find eyewitnesses and other important evidence that may be able to help you mount a successful case. Our attorneys at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya are here to help. Call today.