The Delaware Auto Accident Book

An auto accident can only take a split second. However, the medical and financial ramifications of an automobile accident can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many consumers get hurt twice: once in the accident and a second time by an insurance company.

The book takes a careful look at the most common types of car accidents. Every crash is different, and there are countless factors that could cause each type of accident.

Car accidents are typically categorized by the area of the vehicle where the impact occurs. For example, a head-on collision involves a car that is damaged on the front of the vehicle. Other common types of accidents include:

Common Car Accident Injuries

There are no limitations on the types of injuries that could occur in a car crash. These injuries are often severe, given the force that two colliding motor vehicles can generate. Common injuries can range from mundane cuts and bruises to life-threatening trauma. Some common examples include:

Bone fractures
Traumatic brain injuries
Internal bleeding
Spinal damage

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