The job of someone who drives an ambulance or another type of emergency vehicle is to help save lives. Most of the time, that’s exactly what these drivers do. However, there are situations where emergency drivers actually cause injuries. Although ambulance drivers have to quickly navigate through often busy streets to get to a patient or ensure a patient makes it to a hospital, there are still laws that emergency drivers are required to follow.

If a driver doesn’t follow the standard rules for dealing with situations like an intersection, it can put pedestrians and other drivers in harm’s way. And if someone actually gets hit by an emergency vehicle, the injuries can be quite serious. So, whether it was you or a family member, it’s crucial to seek the professional representation of a Delaware emergency vehicle accident lawyer. after being hurt by an ambulance. A dedicated injury attorney could fight to protect your legal rights at all stages of your case.

Legal Representation for a Delaware Emergency Service Accident

After this type of accident, the most important thing for someone to focus on is their recovery. Because an accident involving an emergency vehicle can cause serious injuries, anyone who’s hurt doesn’t need additional stress in their life.

Unfortunately, because a significant injury often leaves someone unable to work for an extended period of time or even permanently, it doesn’t take long for bills to start accumulating. And if an insurer is dragging their feet about providing fair compensation, it’s going to be impossible for someone to eliminate and focus on healing.

If were hurt by an emergency vehicle and stress is beginning to have a negative impact on your ability to recover, you need a Delaware attorney to help take some of the burden off your shoulders. Once you enlist legal help, you won’t have to worry about constantly fighting for your rights. Instead, you will have a seasoned professional who will have your best interest in mind at all times.

When you get in touch with our experienced team, we will discuss and assess every detail of your case. If we determine that we will be able to assist you, we will move forward with the process. This generally involves thoroughly investigating the circumstances of what happened. Finding out if the vehicle was responding to a true emergency, had its sirens on, was using its lights and had a properly trained driver are just a few of the things we’ll look at.

From there, we generally fight to secure a fair settlement. If all parties aren’t cooperating, we have plenty of experience taking cases to court and arguing them in front of a jury. To have a consultation about the specifics of your case, call a Delaware emergency vehicle accident lawyer today.