Dogs are kept as beloved pets by many Delaware residents, but in some cases, these animals can attack, causing grievous harm. Dog bites can happen if an animal is scared, ill or simply poorly trained.

Fortunately, local residents are protected by a number of laws, most notably Delaware Code section 1711, which holds dog owners liable if their pets attack or cause injury to others. Delaware laws also allow third parties to be held liable in dog attacks. For instance, if a property owner allows a dog to come onto their property and the dog bites someone visiting the property, the property owner as well as the dog owner may be held liable. If you were hurt in a canine attack, call a Delaware dog bite lawyer. With the help of a personal injury representative, you could recover significant compensation for the harm you suffered.

The Dangers of Dog Bites

In the best of circumstances, a dog bite can cause a minor cut or abrasion. Unfortunately, many dog attacks result in serious and even fatal injuries.

In many cases, a frightened or upset animal will instinctively attack the abdomen, throat or facial area, where injuries can be especially dangerous. Even if a dog attack is not fatal, the scarring can be devastating and injuries to the tendons, bones and muscles can cause mobility problems for a lifetime.

If a dog is ill, the illness may be passed on through the bite, necessitating potentially difficult medical treatment for the dog attack victim. Infection and other medical complications can also make a dog bite life-threatening, especially if left untreated.

Often, the victims of dog attacks are children. This is because children are naturally attracted to animals and may approach a dog out of curiosity. Due to a child’s small size, a dog is more likely to cause serious injuries since it’s much easier to reach the head and facial areas. A dog can even drag a child along or shake them, causing further injury. Children die each year due to dog attacks or end up with lifelong injuries because of an encounter with a dog. A skilled attorney could investigate the details of a canine bite and

What to do After a Dog Attack in Delaware

If you are attacked by a dog, try to minimize the injuries. Try to protect your head and facial area and try to get to safety. Seek medical attention at once and contact police. Where possible, try to get authorities to track down the dog and the dog’s owners to determine if the animal has any illness and is up-to-date on vaccinations.

Immediately after your injury, contact a local dog bite attorney who could help gather evidence against the dog owner and can represent you if you file a claim. A lawyer can address any defense of a dog bite lawsuit.

This is important since Delaware Code section 1711 states a lawsuit is not valid if a victim was engaged in illegal activity (such as trespassing) at the time of a dog bite. This law also stands if someone was harassing, teasing or abusing a dog. A dog bite defense lawyer hired by a dog owner may try to allege a victim did something wrong and the claim is invalid. If you have been bitten by an animal, your own attorney can gather and present evidence to counter these claims.

A Delaware Attorney Could Help Dog Bite Victims Recover Damages for Their Injuries

If you’d like to talk to an attorney about your dog bite situation, contact Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today for a free consultation. If you have been attacked by someone’s pet, our Delaware dog bite lawyers can answer your questions and offer advice and support.