Seniors and those with disabilities who live in assisted living facilities have the right to receive and refuse care and exist in a safe and clean environment. Unfortunately, not all providers take careful steps to protect residents from harm, allowing them to sustain financial, physical, or mental injury at the hands of those who promised to care for them. When you or your loved one experiences abuse or neglect while at a long-term care facility, state law may give you the opportunity to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Instead of taking on this task alone, which may feel overwhelming, consider working with a Dover nursing home abuse lawyer you can trust. Our knowledgeable legal team could support you in your fight against those who caused you harm while you were vulnerable. At Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya, our personal injury attorneys have training in negotiation tactics and the claims processes involved in addressing these sensitive matters.

Recognizing the Signs of Neglectful and Abusive Care Home Practices

Understanding what elder abuse might look like can help family and friends know what to look for and what to do if they suspect something is wrong. Any sudden, unexplained, or concerning changes in how the resident looks, acts, or interacts with others may signal that something is going on. And anyone who works at a senior citizen center, including doctors, technicians, and support staff, may be a potential suspect.

Potential cues that a resident is the target of manipulation or exploitation include rapidly disappearing belongings or money. Likewise, if a senior suddenly has bruises or cuts on their body and does not know (or will not say) how this happened, this should raise alarm bells. Moreover, a usually outgoing and confident person who inexplicably stops talking to loved ones or friends may weather the effects of coercive or abusive conduct.

Our lawyers can help Dover residents understand the signs of abusive practices at memory care centers and develop a plan for what to do in these situations. Prioritizing the resident’s immediate safety is crucial, followed by putting measures in place to provide ongoing support and legal recourse. Our team can investigate the situation, talk to third parties, and file documents on behalf of the person experiencing maltreatment.

Taking Action Against a Care Center That Abuses its Residents

After concerned loved ones determine there are safety issues at the facility, they (or the resident) can communicate these potential red flags to those who can help. For example, if they believe the resident is at risk of severe or immediate harm, they can reach out to emergency services by calling 911. Additionally, they might also pass on this information to the facility (if safe to do so) or a government agency, such as the Office of Long-Term Care at the Delaware Division of Health Care Quality.

Depending on the circumstances, it may also be appropriate to file a lawsuit based on personal injury or medical malpractice. To accomplish this, the person would need to have enough evidence to show that the facility or its employee made a mistake or intentionally harmed the resident.

How long the individual has to bring this suit depends on, among other things, the accusations they are making. For example, Delaware Code title 18, § 6856 gives someone bringing a medical malpractice case two years to submit a claim unless an exception applies. Our team of Dover lawyers can review the person’s situation and determine what steps they may take to address abusive practices at their nursing home.

Call a Dover Attorney for Help Filing an Abuse Claim Against a Long-Term Care Facility

When you stay at a memory center or similar facility, you expect to be well-provided for and free from the risk of harm to those employed to help you. When greedy or malicious staff members harm you, know that there may be laws in place to protect you from further injury. By standing up against these practices, you can help safeguard your health and, hopefully, keep others from experiencing the impacts of maltreatment at the facility.

Our compassionate team of attorneys can provide much-needed support to you and your loved ones in the wake of abusive practices. We appreciate the vulnerable position you are in and seek to empower you as we help you develop a plan. Contact a Dover nursing home abuse lawyer at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns.