Adverse events involving large vehicles, such as buses, can seriously harm those in or around the roadway at the time of the incident. When you are physically and financially injured in this type of wreck, getting a settlement may be possible by filing an insurance claim or court case. You can take these steps yourself, but think of the benefits you could gain from working with an experienced legal team.

With a Dover bus accident lawyer at your side, you could confidently move through the courtroom or negotiation process. At Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya, our respected personal injury attorneys have years of significant and pointed training in handling lawsuits against private or commercial bus drivers. We understand the unique factors that can come up during these situations and can provide targeted recommendations.

Reasons Why Bus Wrecks May Occur

Operating a large vehicle, such as a bus or other common carrier, is a complex activity that requires special training and constant vigilance. Unfortunately, not all drivers take this responsibility seriously, resulting in incidents that injure unsuspecting people. For example, the operator may get behind the wheel after having too much to drink, violating Delaware Code title 21, § 4177.

Additionally, the motorist may fail to check all mirrors and sensors to make sure other vehicles are not in harm’s way before carrying out a lane change. Likewise, commercial drivers who feel pressed to stay on a specific scheduled route may drive too fast or make reckless decisions that harm others. Moreover, bus operators may use their cell phones or engage with unauthorized technology while on the road, limiting their response time to roadway events.

People injured in collisions involving commercial or private buses may sustain a range of harm, including broken bones, spinal damage, concussions, and soft tissue injuries. Dover attorneys can assist injured passengers of bus crashes by sifting through the available evidence and figuring out the most effective pathway forward. In some situations, this may mean pursuing an out-of-court settlement from an insurance company or taking the matter to court for litigation.

Taking Legal Action After a Collision With a Common Carrier

A person who is hurt in a bus wreck may qualify to request compensation for their losses, such as a reduction in income after not being able to work due to their injuries. Part of being eligible to take this step involves proving the other driver is to blame for the incident. The injured person needs to show that someone else (which might be a driver, manufacturer, or employer) caused the incident. They might accomplish this by locating laws and evidence that support their version of events.

Additionally, the person needs to submit a claim before the applicable filing deadline runs out.  In many cases, Del. CodeTitle. 10, § 8119 statute of limitations gives people two years to bring a claim. Lawyers who handle bus claims can provide much-needed support to people in Dover who are in the process of identifying and meeting the deadline.

Call an Attorney in Dover for Help After a Bus Crash

When a collision with a large vehicle disrupts your life, you may feel like there is nowhere to turn for help. While nothing can truly return you to your pre-injury condition, the law provides a pathway for you to seek justice. Many people find it beneficial to collaborate with a knowledgeable legal team that can help them accomplish this.

At Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya, we fiercely defend those who are hurting because of the actions of reckless or negligent drivers. We understand the unique struggles injured people and their families may go through in these situations and are here to help develop a legal pathway forward. Reach out to a Dover bus accident lawyer on our team to set up an initial consultation to talk about what we could do for you.