With their large, sharp teeth and sometimes unpredictable nature, dogs can cause extensive injuries if they decide to target an unsuspecting individual. Dog injuries can occur even without a bite, say when a large dog jumps on an elderly person knocking them down. Recognizing this concern, Delaware has personal injury laws in place to protect the public and provide available recourse for those harmed. When you sustain puncture wounds, broken bones, scrapes, or infections because of an animal attack, consider reaching out to an attorney with the tools to help.

Our law firm takes a personalized and vigorous approach to assisting clients who are hurting because of a rogue canine or other domestic animal. A Dover dog bite lawyer from Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya can speak with you about what you are going through and develop a possible legal strategy. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys welcome the opportunity to help injured people pave a pathway forward after experiencing the trauma of being assaulted by an animal.

Does a Dog Have To Be Dangerous To Recover Compensation?

Under Delaware Code title 16, § 3053F, many dog owners are automatically liable if their domestic pet harms someone unless an exception applies. In many circumstances, this means a person may not have to prove the pet parent did something wrong (e.g., failing to keep their animal on a leash) or allowed the attack to occur. Likewise, injured people may not have to show that the animal had a vicious streak or was known by anyone to pose a risk to others.

That said, the law may require an injured person to show they were not doing a prohibited activity at the time of the incident. For example, to qualify to seek damages, the person must not have been trespassing onto the dog’s property. Likewise, if they provoked the attack in some way (such as by assaulting a human or harming the dog), the law may prevent them from recovering a financial award.

Our Dover attorneys can provide critical guidance and legal support to those harmed by aggressive canines or other pets. After a harrowing experience such as an animal attack, many people find it beneficial to turn over the claims and courtroom matters to a professional. Taking this step can enable them to enjoy the space they need to heal and recalibrate while also making sure they can pursue justice.

What Damages Are Available After a Dog Attack?

When an animal assaults someone, the unsuspecting person may experience significant expenses and mental trauma. If they have a strong legal claim and file it in time, they may qualify to request compensation either through direct negotiations with the pet’s owner or by going to court. Those who successfully assert their claim and secure compensation may receive a variety of monetary awards to address the fallout from the incident.

While individual cases may call for different types of damages, some of what a person may receive includes money to address the economic and noneconomic consequences of the event. For example, they may be eligible for reimbursement for their emergency room visit and ongoing treatment. Additionally, they may recoup a financial award to address the psychological impacts of the event, or scarring, along with the pain and suffering they experienced.

Calculating compensation and reviewing settlement offers can be complex because each case is unique. Because of this, an injured person may choose to enlist an experienced dog bite lawyer in Dover who can comb through the evidence and determine what a fair agreement might look like. Attorneys also have the training to challenge unfair settlement proposals and champion the person’s rights in a courtroom setting.

Call an Attorney in Dover for Legal Help After a Canine Attack

When you get injured because a domestic animal attacks you, there may be a way for you to hold the owner accountable for your losses. Taking this step can be an empowering way for you to speak out against the wrongdoing and, hopefully, gain closure and compensation. While you can file a claim without help, you may find it advantageous to collaborate with a knowledgeable attorney.

Our firm dedicates its time and resources to serving those hurt by rogue animals or negligent pet owners. We understand the stress and pain you may be enduring and may be able to help ease your burden by providing targeted legal assistance. When a vicious animal hurts you, contact a Dover dog bite lawyer from Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya to schedule a consultation.