When you endure injuries because someone else causes a collision, compensation may be within your grasp. Delaware law empowers eligible cyclists to seek a settlement from the person who harmed them. You may be entitled to file a lawsuit if the window to bring a claim is still open, and you can draw a connection between your losses and the other person’s behavior.

A Dover bicycle accident lawyer can help you prepare a personal injury case against the person, business, or government agency responsible for what happened to you. At Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya, our legal team spends a great deal of time staying updated on the ever-changing bike laws so we can serve your needs effectively. Our personal injury attorneys would love to meet with you and learn about how we might be able to help you secure justice.

Situations That Commonly Lead to Wrecks Involving Bikes

Riding a bicycle can be a rewarding activity; however, it comes with many risks, including adverse weather, unexpected roadway incidents, and careless motorists. For example, an exhausted driver may take dangerous risks while behind the wheel due to slowed reaction times, or a driver may text while operating their vehicle, leading them to swerve into a bicyclist’s lane.

Additionally, motorists may not yield the right of way to those on bikes; instead, cutting them off at intersections. Likewise, someone in a large truck may fail to ensure the coast is clear before they make a turn, causing a deadly crash. Those using non-motorized vehicles are also at risk of collisions with intoxicated drivers who are more likely to misjudge the distance between a cyclist and the vehicle—if they notice the bike at all.

People who are hurt in bicycle crashes in Dover may qualify for a settlement for their losses, something our attorneys can help them pursue. Going through the lawsuit or insurance claim process can feel overwhelming, especially as an injured person tries to heal. Instead of interrupting recovery by taking on the added stress of legal matters, they may choose to work with a seasoned lawyer who can help guide and support them through the process.

Determining Fault in Cyclist Claims

People harmed by a bike collision caused by someone else’s actions or inactions may be eligible for a financial settlement if they can accomplish two goals. They must take legal action in the appropriate channels before the statute of limitations (filing deadline) expires. They must also develop a solid argument to prove the other person is at fault (or mostly so) for what occurred.

Delaware Code title 10, § 8119 gives many injured cyclists two years to file a court case because of personal harm or property damage. Sometimes, the person may have a longer amount of time to take action, depending on the specific context. One example would be if the injured bicyclist’s injuries exceed the coverage provided by the at fault driver’s liability policy, the bicyclist will have three years from acceptance of their own underinsured motorist coverage within to file suit against their own insurance company.

Injured cyclists also need to prove the other person is to blame for the incident. Often, this step involves gathering sufficient amounts and types of evidence, including medical records and police reports, to document what occurred. A Dover bike wreck attorney can take the lead in gathering, preserving, and presenting vital evidence to establish who should be held liable for the damages.

Call a Bike Crash Attorney in Dover for Legal Help

Sustaining injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle can be a life-changing event, potentially causing you to undergo treatments and take a step back from work. Nothing can completely undo the harm done to you; however, getting the financial support you need may be possible by bringing a legal claim. You can take this empowering step on your own, but you may find it helpful to partner with a seasoned law firm instead.

Our respected legal representatives are truly dedicated to helping individuals and families heal after a trauma uproots their lives. We can provide personalized advocacy to those who are hurting and are unafraid to hold even the fiercest of adversaries accountable. Contact a Dover bicycle accident lawyer from Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya to schedule a consultation.