Like most college towns, Newark is relatively safe for pedestrians. People do not usually rely on vehicles to travel around the area. Additionally, the city has many shopping areas, bars, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants accessible to people on foot.

However, accidents between cars and pedestrians sometimes occur. Because walkers have no physical protection from the impact of a motor vehicle, these collisions frequently cause severe or fatal injuries.

If you sustained a debilitating injury after being struck by a vehicle, a Newark pedestrian accident lawyer could help you win financial compensation from the motorist who hit you. Call a dedicated personal injury attorney to learn more.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Newark

Automobiles often strike people on foot when drivers do not see a person walking on a sidewalk or entering a crosswalk until it is too late to slow down. Pedestrian accidents frequently occur when motorists are distracted by their cellphone and lose sight of their surroundings. For example, if a person responds to a text message, they may not see that a traffic light turned red or a child dart into the street.

Other common mistakes, including speeding, recklessness, unsafe lane changes, illegal passing, and drunk driving, can cause a motorist to strike a pedestrian. Drivers should always be on the lookout for pedestrians while on the road, especially when turning at intersections, passing crosswalks, or backing out of a parking spot or driveway. Motorists should pay even more attention to their surroundings in areas where there are children, such as schools, parks, or playgrounds.

A hardworking attorney in Newark could identify why a pedestrian accident occurred by reviewing police reports, driver’s cellphone records, blood alcohol reports, and traffic camera footage. A legal team member could also interview witnesses to help prove another motorist’s negligent actions.

What if a Pedestrian Contributed to an Accident?

Drivers are not the only people who must look out for individuals. Pedestrians also have a duty to act reasonably and responsibly while walking throughout town. To prevent an accident, pedestrians should do the following:

  • Remain on a sidewalk
  • Wait for a walk signal
  • Be aware of their surroundings
  • Cross the roads at marked crosswalks
  • Wear bright clothing during the day or reflective clothing at night
  • Stay close to the edge of a road and walk facing traffic if there is no sidewalk
  • Avoid anything that might impair their ability to walk straight, including consuming alcohol or drugs

Although pedestrians may contribute to their injuries, they are not barred from proceeding with a civil claim against the driver who hit them. State courts operate with a modified comparative negligence standard, meaning that a pedestrian can file a claim if they were less than 50 percent liable for a collision.

An experienced attorney could explain how a court might reduce a pedestrian’s damages according to that standard and ensure they receive the maximum compensation possible.

Call a Newark Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you are recovering from injuries after a car struck you, a Newark pedestrian accident lawyer could help. An attorney could investigate a crash to determine how an accident occurred and prove that another driver’s negligence caused a collision.

A seasoned local attorney could help you calculate the value of your losses and pursue a settlement that best compensates you. If the motorist and their insurance company are unwilling to settle, a dedicated team of attorneys could fight for you in court. Reach out today to get started on your claim.