Many Newark residents feel that taking the bus is the best way to get around the city: you do not have to fight the traffic or worry about which way to go—it is also considerably cheaper than owning your own car and is better for the environment. However, buses occasionally wreck, which can cause extensive property damage and severe injuries to passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road.

When you or someone you love are hurt in a public transportation collision, you might have legal grounds to pursue a civil claim against the negligent party. A tenacious injury attorney can help initiate this process. Additionally, a seasoned Newark bus accident lawyer can investigate your crash and injuries to help you obtain the maximum compensation possible.

Who is Liable for a Public Transportation Collision?

To prevail in a lawsuit, an injured plaintiff—usually with the help of a legal representative—must determine how the crash occurred and who caused it.

Driver Error

Bus operator errors can lead to collisions. Crashes can occur when a public transportation driver speeds, drives while intoxicated, tailgates other vehicles, drives recklessly, or drives for too many hours when tired. Wrecks can also happen when inexperienced bus operators do not know how to handle their vehicles. This negligence can cause a driver to hit other vehicles, stationary objects like curbs and guardrails, cyclists, or even pedestrians.

The driver error may have been caused by another driver.  It is not unusual for a negligent driver to collide with a bus in traffic, especially where the bus has the right of way to make wider turns or stop to let off passengers. Unfortunately, this type of error is sometimes the cause of injuries to children in school bus incidents where the other driver hits a stopped bus or, horribly, even child pedestrians.

Employer Error

The bus company that employs a negligent driver could be accountable for the mistakes and negligence of their drivers as well as their own errors that contributed to the crash. For instance, the bus company could be liable if it had a history of hiring employees with poor driving records, if it failed to train inexperienced drivers, or if it did not regularly inspect and maintain its vehicles, causing a mechanical problem.

Manufacturing Errors

When a manufacturing defect causes a crash, the manufacturer could be to blame. A mechanic could also be at fault if they failed to notice or fix a problem that ultimately led to a collision.

Common Types of Injuries that Follow Bus Collisions

Severe injuries often occur both inside and outside the vehicle in bus crashes. Because most transit vehicles do not have seatbelts, passengers frequently suffer injuries from being thrown around. Unfortunately, those outside of the bus often suffer even more severe injuries because buses are so large and heavy.

A diligent lawyer in Newark can help a public transportation crash survivor pursue a claim to cover their injuries and other losses related to the collision. Likewise, a legal team member can also help the surviving family members of a loved one lost in a bus wreck pursue damages in a wrongful death suit.

Speak with a Bus Accident Attorney in Newark for Help

Bus wrecks are more complicated than crashes involving typical passenger vehicles. Often, more than one party is at fault. These potential defendants often try to pass the blame, deny liability, and force you to accept a settlement that is worth far less than you deserve.

Fortunately, an experienced Newark bus accident lawyer knows how to approach bus crash cases and will fight to get you a fair settlement. Speak to our lawyers at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today to discuss possible strategies and legal options.