The hours and days following a workplace injury can be upsetting. You may have to undergo extensive medical care and rehabilitation for your harm. At the same time, you may be overwhelmed when contemplating how you will pay for your injury-related expenses.

However, you may be entitled to benefits when you have been injured due to your employer’s negligence. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya can help you understand what to do after a workplace accident in Middletown and help you get a favorable case outcome.

What to do After a Work-Related Injury

The most important step any employee can take following a workplace injury is to inform their employer of the injury and then seek immediate medical attention. Whether an injury is severe or minor, evaluation from a medical professional is critical.

Seeking medical attention can be crucial to treating temporary and long-term injuries for victims of workplace incidents and can help ensure a successful workers’ comp case. However, specific procedures must be followed under state law when filing workers’ compensation claims. For example, if an injured employee does not tell their employer about the injury, they may be unable to recover benefits.

When seeking medical attention for a workplace injury in Middletown, state law allows injured parties to receive medical services from their primary doctor. While an employer might request that an injured employee visits a specific physician, they must allow the worker to see the doctor they choose. In addition to seeking medical attention promptly after an accident, hurt victims must immediately notify their employers of the injury in writing.

What to do When an Employer Denies a Workers’ Comp Claim

Even when employees seek immediate medical attention and notify their workplace of an injury, employers and insurers can deny workers the benefits they deserve. Although the reasons for denying benefits vary, negotiating a compensation agreement with an employer is not the only recourse that employees have in the event of a workplace accident.

For example, if employees cannot agree with their employer regarding their workers’ comp payments, they may file a petition. In doing so, employees must attend a hearing to determine the legal requirements for obtaining workers’ comp benefits.

Employee benefits vary depending on the extent and longevity of a victim’s injury. For instance, if an employee sustains an injury that leaves them temporarily disabled, they may be able to receive 2/3 of their gross weekly wages, subject to a minimum and maximum set by law.

On the other hand, injured employees might only be able to receive partial disability benefits, which are often awarded when employees can return to work part-time. In this case, the employee could receive 2/3 of the difference between their pre-and post-injury wages for a specified period. A hardworking attorney in Middletown can help guide employees on what steps to take after a workplace injury.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About What to Do After a Workplace Accident in Middletown

Injured employees are often left with pain and suffering after a workplace accident. However, they may also have the complex task of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. It can be challenging to determine what to do after a workplace accident in Middletown.

An attorney could provide clarity on the steps that you should take and the amount of benefits that might be available to you after a work-related injury. Talk to an experienced lawyer at our firm today to ensure that you receive adequate compensation for your injuries.