Whether your job consists of sitting at a cubicle in an office building or teaching spin classes at the gym, you likely spend a substantial amount of time working. When you dedicate so much time to advancing your career, you should feel safe entering your workplace. However, incidents often occur on the job, leaving employees with debilitating injuries.

Unfortunately, applying for workers’ compensation benefits in Middletown can be frustrating. Luckily, an attorney experienced with workers’ compensation benefits can help you navigate complex legal proceedings. Additionally, a skilled workers’ comp attorney at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya can help you stand up for your rights when dealing with employers and insurance companies to ensure a positive outcome for your claim.

Common Workplace Injuries

Injuries that occur in the workplace can result from many different circumstances. For example, a construction worker may sustain an injury from a falling crane, while an office worker may be injured in a slip and fall. Although circumstances vary, some work-related injuries are more common than others. Common workplace injuries include those that occur due to:

  • Falling equipment
  • Slip and falls
  • Inhaling toxic fumes
  • Repetitive motion
  • Fires and explosions

The type of injury an individual sustains at the workplace often dictates the benefits they can claim in Middletown. Therefore, knowing what benefits the state offers is imperative to understand what payments injured workers may receive.

Types of Benefits Offered to Injured Employees

When applying for workers’ compensation, it is important to know what benefits are available given the extent of an employee’s injury. For instance, workers’ comp often includes payments to cover medical bills associated with an injury and the lost income from time spent away from work.

In addition to payments for medical expenses and lost income, certain benefits can compensate victims for disabling injuries, including the loss of a limb or other partial disability. Similarly, for severe job-related injuries, benefits may be available for disfigurement and even death. Disfigurement benefits are generally connected to burns and scars and are paid for specified periods. Death benefits are usually available to a victim’s dependents and paid in weekly installments.

Determining the type of compensation, payment amount, and duration of benefits period for an injured employee can be a complex process. Various charts and schedules govern these specific amounts. Therefore, careful calculation and understanding of case specifics are required to obtain a successful outcome. A knowledgeable attorney in Middletown can alleviate the often-frustrating experience of applying for workers’ compensation benefits and guide injured employees through the application process.

Contact a Lawyer Today for Information on Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Middletown

Workers’ compensation benefits in Middletown can provide victims with vital resources necessary to facilitate their recovery and help support their families financially. However, understanding how to apply for benefits and what amount you may be entitled to can be a stressful experience.

Fortunately, allowing an attorney to handle your workers’ compensation benefits can help safeguard you against employers and insurance companies who try to stop you from getting the compensation you deserve. Reach out to our experienced and diligent legal representatives at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today to discuss workers’ compensation benefits.