Workers who operate or are around heavy machinery are vulnerable to many types of injuries when they go to work every day. One of the most hazardous, but unfortunately common, types is crush injuries. These severe injuries can lead to long-term complications, permanent disability, or death.

When a person sustains a crush injury while on the job, they may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation. However, there is a strict procedure that they must follow to successfully obtain benefits. To ensure the best outcome, reach out to a Middletown crush injury lawyer right away. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney at The Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya can fight to get you the financial awards you deserve for your losses.

How Crush Injuries Commonly Occur

When two items or pieces of equipment pin a worker’s body, there is a potential that they could endure severe crush injuries. These incidents can lead to serious internal injuries, amputations, nerve damage, and, in the worst cases, death. These kinds of injuries most commonly occur when there are machines with moving parts or when dealing with large moving vehicles.

When employees use these powerful machines at work, the employer is responsible for ensuring that they have received adequate training and follow the proper safety protocol prior to operation. If a crushing incident occurs, workers should immediately reach out to a Middletown crush injury attorney. They could help ensure the individual receives maximum benefits while recovering from their injuries.

Complications a Worker May Suffer After a Crush Injury

Crush injuries often leave a person severely injured, leading to devastating consequences. Some of the subsequent complications that workers suffer include:

  • Severe infections
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Severe tissue and nerve damage
  • Organ shock and renal failure
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis

Because of the severity, it is not uncommon for crush injuries to leave a person unable to return to work. At a minimum, they will require an extended amount of time off for full recovery and extensive medical care.

Determination of Supplemental Pay

There is a formula that insurance agencies will use to determine the amount of loss of pay and benefits a team member can collect via workers’ compensation after a crush injury. As per Delaware Code Title 19. § 2302, the agency will calculate the worker’s average pay before they sustained injuries, including overtime and benefits for the proceeding 26 weeks.

If the worker has not been on the job for 26 weeks, they will calculate with the proceeding 13 weeks. For cases where the injured worker has not been with the employer for 13 weeks, there is a separate formula the insurer will use to make the determination. If none of these scenarios apply, figuring out those lost wages could get complicated. A knowledgeable crush injury lawyer in Middletown could answer any questions about payment calculations and other potential workers’ compensation benefits.

Call a Seasoned Middletown Crush Injury Attorney

Suffering a crush injury at work can change the course of your life within moments. These injuries are often severe and leave a person with lifelong complications. If you experienced this kind of injury while on the job, you would need long-term medical care and follow-up, as well as money to supplement your paycheck while you recover.

The aftermath of sustaining these painful injuries is likely a highly stressful time for you and your family and trying to understand and deal with the workers’ compensation system can feel overwhelming. Therefore, it may be valuable to reach out to a skilled attorney to help you file for benefits. If you need help with a claim, contact a diligent Middletown crush injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today.