Many warehouse jobs require a great deal of physical effort. Unfortunately, this can often lead to severe overexertion injuries at work. Employees could easily get hurt if their employer does not follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations. Harm may also occur if team members do not take necessary breaks and avoid dangerous movements, such as twisting or bending in unnatural positions.

If you sustained some form of overexertion or overwork injury while completing your job duties, you are eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits. For help with a claim, contact a Bear overexertion injury lawyer and schedule a meeting.

Overexertion Injuries that Occur at the Workplace

Job duties that require lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling heavy packages or other large items can lead to overexertion injuries. The damage may lead to severe pain throughout the body and cause swelling, numbness, and loss of mobility. Some individuals may also experience posture problems, loss of strength, joint clicking, and tingling. Some of the most common overexertion injuries include:

  • Arm and wrist pain
  • Pulling muscles and strains in the back
  • Injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles
  • Neck injuries
  • Heat exhaustion

While some of this physical trauma can happen because of one task, pain may also occur after completing the same duties daily, leading to cumulative effects. Businesses and their employees should follow all safety protocols to avoid injuries.

If safety protocols were not respected by a company, a dedicated attorney in Bear could examine medical records and speak with a doctor to categorize the overexertion injury.

Warehouse Workers are at Elevated Risk

Anyone could suffer from an overexertion injury on the job. Yet some occupations, such as working in a warehouse, place the employees at a higher risk. There are many ways to avoid these injuries and business owners must ensure they sort out any ergonomic problems to reduce team members’ risk of getting hurt at work.

Some vital steps to avoiding physical harm in a warehouse include taking frequent breaks, rotating tasks to avoid repetitive motions, and ensuring equipment is at the correct height. When industrial or warehouse employees are injured as a result of being overworked or overexerted, they may be able to collect workers’ compensation with the help of a Bear attorney. Although the process is complex, a skilled legal team member can help avoid delays and get the maximum benefits available to a plaintiff.

Report Overexertion Injuries to the Employer Right Away

There are specific steps that injured team members must ensure they follow to collect the benefits they deserve. According to Title 19 Delaware Code Chapter 23 Section § 2341, the first and most critical step is reporting an overexertion injury to the employer right away. If an employee fails to notify an employer about an injury or illness within 90 days of discovery it, they will not be eligible for benefits during those first 90 days they otherwise would have been entitled to. When exactly that time period starts running for an overexertion injury depends on many factors so consulting an experienced attorney right away is important.

Afterward, employers also must report the injury right away. They must complete a “First Report of Occupational Injury or Disease Form” within ten days of receiving notification and forward it to the Delaware Department of Labor and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. An experienced workplace overexertion attorney in Bear can ensure the injured worker follows steps as state laws require and help them communicate the necessary phase with their employer.

Meet With a Skilled Bear Overexertion Injury Attorney

If you suffered overexertion injuries while completing your job duties, you may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation. The process is complex but reaching out to a tenacious legal professional can save you time and valuable energy.

State laws may entitle you to collect benefits to cover medical and living expenses while you recover. Call a Bear overexertion injury lawyer at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya to schedule a consultation.