An injury to your spinal cord can alter your life significantly. You might lose the ability to feel or control the affected parts of your body, need continuing medical care, or require assistance with your daily tasks. A spine injury can also take a toll on your emotional and financial well-being.

When someone else’s actions led to your injury, you should consider enlisting the help of a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney. A Newark spinal cord injury lawyer will help you file a civil claim for compensation and get you and your family the assistance you need during this challenging time.

How Do Spinal Injuries Occur?

The brain transmits messages to a person’s body parts through the nerves in the spinal column. Therefore, when a person’s spinal cord sustains trauma and their nerves are affected, they may experience a loss of motor control and sensation. Different events can injure the spine, including falls, recreational incidents, motor vehicle collisions, and sports-related mishaps.

Medical malpractice can also lead to spinal injuries. For instance, if a surgeon nicks someone’s nerves during a back operation, the patient could suffer spinal damage that permanently paralyzes them. Intentional criminal actions, such as violent assaults, stab wounds, and gunshots, can also injure a person’s spine.

Fortunately, skilled Newark attorneys have successfully handled many claims against negligent parties who cause spinal injuries, including drivers, insurance companies, homeowners, municipalities, doctors, and hospitals. Call today to learn more.

Symptoms that can Follow a Newark Spine Injury

People who suffer trauma to their spinal column can experience a wide range of symptoms. For example, the victim might lose feeling in their extremities or experience pain or tingling in the affected area of their back or limbs. In addition to losing motor control and sensation, spinal cord damage can cause the victim to experience muscle spasms, breathing problems, or the loss of bladder and bowel control.

The likelihood of recovering from a spine injury depends on the extent and location of the trauma. For example, when a person sustains trauma to their upper or cervical spine, they risk suffering quadriplegia or paralysis in their arms, legs, and trunk. However, when the trauma damages the lower spine, the victim might develop paraplegia, meaning they have feeling and motor control in their upper extremities but suffer paralysis in the lower half of their body.

Spinal injuries can be complete—for example, when the damage has severed the nerve connection entirely—or incomplete, in which case, nerves remain connected. When the spinal injury is complete, the injured person will have no feeling in the affected regions of their body. In contrast, those with incomplete injuries might have limited motor control or sensations.

Compassionate local attorneys in Newark understand the challenges that spine injury survivors face and can work to help them recover sufficient damages to help them obtain the medical rehabilitation necessary.

Contact a Newark Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

After suffering a spine injury, you must focus on your physical and emotional recovery. You should not have to worry about the intricacies of pursuing a legal claim against the responsible parties.

Instead, let an experienced Newark spinal cord injury lawyer handle the complexities of your case while you work on getting better. With your legal team’s help, you can obtain the compensation you deserve. Call our legal team members at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya to schedule a meeting.