A dog bite can cause severe, life-altering injuries to anyone. However, these incidents can be especially serious for young children since their height and inexperience with animals make them vulnerable to head and facial injuries.

Young people are also more likely to suffer psychological damage from these attacks. In many cases, injured children might require psychological treatment to recover from the injury.

When you or your child sustain injuries from a dog bite, reaching out to a skilled injury attorney is crucial. While nothing can make up for the significance of a canine attack, a compensation claim could help you help pay for medical bills and other injury-related expenses. Schedule a consultation with an Elsmere dog bite lawyer today to learn more about your legal options.

What Types of Injuries Stem from Dog Bites?

A dog attack can leave a person with deep abrasions, lacerations, and scarring. These wounds also have a significant likelihood of infection because of the bacteria dogs carry. An infection can quickly spread to the surrounding tissue, requiring medical intervention.

Some of the most severe injuries that result from canine bites include the following:

  • Psychological injuries
  • Severe head, face, and eye injuries
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Internal organ damage, including bleeding
  • Permanent nerve damage

A knowledgeable attorney in Elsmere can answer questions about properly documenting these injuries to give dog bite victims the best chance of financial recovery.

Recovering Damages After an Animal Attack

After establishing that a pet owner is liable for the injuries, the court will award compensation within two primary categories. The first type of compensation includes economic damages covering medical care costs, including future expenses and lost salary.

The second category of damages are noneconomic. This compensation can cover losses like psychological and physical pain and suffering. The court will consider various components when deciding on the award amount such as the extent of an injury, the circumstances of an attack, and the amount of a defendant’s negligence.

Are Pet Owners Liable for Damages After a Canine Bite?

Several laws protect Delaware residents from paying damages after suffering a dog bite or animal attack. For example, while many states follow a “one bite rule,” civil statute in Elsmere follows strict liability.

Strict liability means that pet owners are financially responsible for covering the damages the animal causes. According to 11 Delaware Code § 913, pet owners are liable for the injuries their animals inflict on others, including those leading to death and property damage. However, exceptions include:

  • An animal attacked a person trespassing on the dog owner’s property
  • The injured party was committed or attempted to commit a criminal offense against the pet owner
  • The injured person teased or tormented the dog at the time of the attack

A tenacious lawyer in Elsmere could help investigate and find the evidence to establish that a pet owner’s negligence led to a dog attack.

Call a Seasoned Dog Bite Attorney in Elsmere Today

When a dog bites or attacks you or someone you love, you could collect compensation from the animal’s owner to cover the damages. Pet owners in this state are liable for injuries the animal causes, including bodily harm and property damages.

While most residents in this state can collect restitution after a canine attack, the civil court process is complex. Fortunately, a hard-working Elsmere dog bite lawyer could help you through the process and advocate for the fair settlement amount you deserve. Get in touch with a legal team members at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today.