Newcastle is the most populous county in Delaware, and construction projects continue to expand as more people discover the area’s charms and temperate weather. This is a boon if you are a construction worker, but it also means an increase in construction injuries if safety protocols are ignored or careless mistakes are made.

Construction companies have been known to choose profits over employee safety. And construction work, especially for roofers, demolition experts, and crane operators, remains among the deadliest jobs in America. When you work construction and routinely scale heights to perform your job, one fall can be catastrophic. If your employer should have done more to protect you, an Elsmere construction accident lawyer can step in to protect you, providing a sense of security and support in a challenging situation. Call now to begin working with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Who Is Responsible for Construction Site Injuries?

Construction injuries are actionable when someone’s negligence causes them. Negligence is proven when the injured person’s attorney shows the defendant had a duty to act responsibly and reasonably when dealing with them, acted below that standard, and caused them to be injured because of this failure. This legal process is crucial for an injured construction worker to understand, as it empowers them to seek justice. Who does an injured construction worker look to as a negligent party? Defendants can include:

  • Contractors who oversee construction jobs and possibly sub-contractors overseeing a sector of a job
  • Construction company employers who rush an employee to work without proper training, equipment, or safety gear or do not properly maintain heavy equipment
  • Manufacturers who release defective products, such as heavy machinery, safety equipment, tools, or chemicals into the stream of commerce
  • Property owners who are funding construction but fail to make the property safe
  • Architects who render faulty designs that collapse during construction

Identifying who is likely to blame after job site injuries caused by someone other than the construction worker can be complicated. A Delaware construction accident attorney will investigate the root cause of the mishap to determine who should be held liable.

Common Construction Site Injuries Caused by Negligence

Injuries in construction falls are exacerbated the higher the worker is when the fall occurs. Falling from scaffolding can result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), paralysis, multiple broken bones, and death.

Because electrical service can be a tangle of wires on a construction site, and chemicals are often used, burns are also common injuries. If severe enough, burns can cause disfiguring and permanent damage and preclude a worker from returning to their job. Additionally, failure to properly contain caustic chemicals, clowning around while operating dangerous heavy equipment, and unsafe practices all contribute to negligent mishaps at construction sites. Our Elsmere attorneys can help get injured construction workers compensated for their harm.

Compensation for Construction Injuries

Injured construction workers could be eligible for economic and non-economic damages from the person or entity who caused their injuries. Economic compensation can be calculated, such as medical care and mileage to receive it, rehabilitation costs, and wages lost when the worker is out of work recovering. Non-economic compensation considers subjective damages, such as pain and suffering, disfigurement, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life. A knowledgeable Elsmere construction accident attorney can determine what a person’s case is worth and fight to get them the compensation they deserve.

Let an Elsmere Construction Accident Attorney Advocates for You

Construction workers see real results from their efforts to provide housing, office, and warehouse space for the busiest county in Delaware. As much satisfaction as that can bring, the job is one of the most dangerous, and injuries caused by inadequate training, failure to employ safety measures, and faulty equipment are common.

If you are a construction worker injured on the job by another’s negligence, you deserve compensation for medical bills, the wages you will lose by not working, and for your pain and loss of enjoyment of life. We can help you get that compensation from the person responsible for your plight. An Elsmere construction accident lawyer from Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya is waiting for your call.