If a driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic at an intersection and collides with another vehicle, they can cause serious damage. Unfortunately, many drivers do not obey the rules of the road, which can lead to severe car crashes and injuries.

Liability in these crashes can be difficult to prove, but a diligent legal representative at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya has the experience and knowledge to identify and prove liability. Failure to yield accidents in Elsmere can be devastating, but a lawyer can help an injured person recover financial compensation for their losses and injuries.

Causes of Failure to Yield Crashes

Failure to yield collisions are complex claims, especially when there are no witnesses to a wreck. In cases where only two vehicles are involved, both parties might claim they had the right-of-way. Often, these crashes are a result of carelessness by one party. Common causes of failure to yield collisions include:

  • Failing to stop at a stop sign
  • Failing to yield a right of way
  • Turning left at an intersection too slowly
  • Merging onto a highway or interstate without checking a blind spot
  • Exiting or turning into a driveway without acknowledging other cars

Unfortunately, these can be some of the most dangerous crashes because one or both drivers of the vehicles on the roadway is likely traveling quickly. Such high speed failure-to-yield crashes can be devastating. With help from a skilled attorney in Elsmere, an injured driver can obtain pertinent evidence regarding a crash and use it to determine the cause of the collision and the party at fault.

Determining Liability in a Failure to Yield Collision

Generally, negligence and liability fall on the person who failed to yield. If there is any ambiguity about who caused a failure to yield collision, an insurance company may try to say that both parties are equally at fault or blame the other driver. For instance, if both drivers received a ticket after a wreck – even if one was only for a minor issue like not wearing a seat belt– an insurance company may try to use the ticket as evidence against the injured motorist.

A police report might help when the police officer states which party is at fault, especially if witnesses were at the accident scene. Witnesses could include bystanders or other people in the vehicle with the injured driver who can testify whether the other driver’s story is true. A legal representative in Elsmere can help a plaintiff identify who was responsible for a failure to yield collision.

How a Lawyer Can Help determine liability in Failure to Yield Crash Claims

Finding evidence of which party had the right-of-way in a collision is not always easy. However, a legal team member has the experience and resources to find proof of liability. An attorney will interview witnesses, obtain video surveillance from intersections, or hire experts to determine who is responsible for a person’s injuries.

It is important to contact a legal representative immediately following a failure to yield collision to ensure the preservation of crucial evidence. Information related to a crash like this is not usually kept for extended periods. If you delay obtaining a lawyer and that lawyer asks a witness about an accident caused by failure to yield the right-of-way many months or a year later, the witness may forget important details.

A seasoned attorney in Elsmere can help to protect an injured person’s rights by preserving evidence, determining liability, and obtaining wage benefits, medical expenses and pain and suffering compensation they deserve.

Speak With Our Attorneys in Elsmere about Failure to Yield Car Accidents

Failure to yield accidents in Elsmere can alter all aspects of a person’s life. These collisions often result in serious injuries, leading to medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Although these crashes are often challenging to prove, an attorney can obtain the evidence needed to hold a person accountable for their reckless actions. Call one of our attorneys at Doroshow Pasquale Krawitz & Bhaya today to get started on your claim.