Your exposure to a dangerous product like asbestos can cause a serious lung illness called mesothelioma. This illness dramatically changes a person’s life. Very often, the patient can no longer work or earn a living. In the meantime, the typical bills, such as food, mortgage, and utilities, continue to come in. In addition, because of the illness, the patient and family may now face sometimes overwhelming medical bills. Unfortunately, all to often, a mesothelioma patient does not have health insurance or, if they do, that insurance does not cover all of the patient’s medical bills, particularly treatments considered “experimental” by the insurance companies.

Our goal is to seek fair compensation for your illness as quickly as possible. If you were exposed to a dangerous product on the job, we’ll seek payment from your employer’s workers compensation carrier for your bills, wages, and permanent injury. Additionally, we’ll seek compensation for your pain and suffering against the wrongdoer who manufactured the dangerous product. There is no fee unless we collect money for you. Call us for a free initial consultation about your rights.