Unfortunately, people often decide to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol or using drugs. Anyone who chooses to drive impaired puts the lives of people around them at risk. Collisions caused by drunk driving can be detrimental to anyone on the road. Sadly, these accidents often result in serious injuries or even death.

When you or a loved one are hurt in a drunk driving crash, a skilled motor vehicle collision attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries. Call our hardworking lawyers at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today about drunk driving accidents in Wilmington.

How are Drunk Driving Crashes Caused in Wilmington?

Each state has a level of intoxication at which people are considered by law to be too impaired to drive. Unfortunately, intoxicated motorists get in the driver’s seat every day.

Even a negligent driver may aware of what is happening around them and try to correct their actions at the last minute. However, drunk drivers may have a narrow field of vision or perception that makes them incapable of seeing the road in front of them or the situation clearly, making it impossible for them to react in time to lessen the damage or seriousness of the crash. As a result, intoxicated individuals often cause collisions while traveling at high speeds. A seasoned local attorney can determine the cause of a drunk driving collision and help an injured person gather evidence to prove their injuries.

Recoverable Damages in Drunk Driving Collisions

Unfortunately, drunk driving crashes often cause more damage than ordinary collisions because intoxicated motorists typically do not try to stop an impact from occurring. For this reason, a plaintiff can seek financial compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and costly medical bills.

In some cases, an intoxicated motorist’s driving history which may lead t the conclusion that the drunk driver was grossly negligent, in which case, the victim may be entitled to punitive damages. These damages serve as punishment for the grossly negligent behavior of a drunk driver. The court often awards these damages in cases where crash victims become paralyzed or lose their life.

Drivers with No Insurance

Intoxicated drivers involved in severe crashes might not have insurance coverage to pay for the victim’s injury-related expenses. However, other parties could share responsibility for the victim’s damages. For example, when a family member or employer lends their car to an obviously drunk driver, they and the intoxicated motorist may also be responsible for paying the plaintiff’s losses. In addition, the inured party’s own uninsured motorist coverage may provide needed compensation.

A diligent lawyer in Wilmington will investigate the details of a drunk driving collision and find out if another person might have contributed to the crash. An injury victim could obtain a more significant financial recovery by finding that a third party acted recklessly.

Call an Attorney in Wilmington About Drunk Driving Accidents

Car crashes of any kind can be devastating events. However, when a drunk driver chooses to put you and your family at risk, the collisions can be severe and it can change every aspect of your life. Injuries that result from impaired driving collisions are life-threatening and may require years of rehabilitation.

Contact a lawyer to learn more about drunk driving accidents in Wilmington and find out how you can hold a negligent driver accountable for the injuries they caused. Call Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya immediately after a crash to get help.