New clock tower to crown Elsmere Law office building to be finished by summer

By ALAN J. McCOMBS, The News Journal

Posted Sunday, December 9, 2007

Elsmere community and business leaders say the time has come to define their town.

Construction is under way on a $2 million clock tower in the 1200 block of Kirkwood Highway that some say will become a new landmark for the community.

“I think it will fit right in,” said Elsmere Town Councilman Tom Novak, whose third district includes the clock tower site. “It’s going to be the start of something good.”

Development of the 12,500-square-foot office building began nearly two years ago, with partners at the Elsmere-based law firm Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz and Bhaya feeling a little cramped in their existing offices.

“We’ve kind of kept the same quarters here for a while now and this kind of gives us an opportunity to expand,” said founding partner Eric Doroshow.

When the firm suggested a tower outfitted with two clocks, 3 1/2 feet in diameter, the response was positive, said Elsmere Town Manager John Giles.

“He’s had us involved from the beginning by making sure that the building is something the town would like,” Giles said.

The design of the building went through several revisions, including the loss of a proposed basement as architects struggled to deal with stormwater runoff at the site. The solution came in the form of large water tanks stored beneath the building which are designed to store water and avoid flooding on the property as well as surrounding areas, said Robert Pasquale, a partner with the law firm.

“It has one of the most elaborate water handling systems I’ve seen,” Giles said.

Ground was broken for the building, located next to the law firm’s existing headquarters in the 1200 block of Kirkwood Highway, in late October.

The finished building will have a stone exterior on the first floor with a white or beige stucco face on the other floors, said Alexine Cloonan of Homsey Architects.

When the building is completed in six to eight months, the second and third floor will be devoted to the law firm’s associates and junior partners and about 20 support employees.

The first floor will house between one and four businesses. The law firm is discussing selling or renting part of the 4,000 square feet on the ground floor to a coffee shop. UPS has also expressed interest in the space.

Weather permitting, builders hope to finish the office’s foundation this month, with the completion of the building aimed for spring or summer.

The building’s opening next year coincides with the firm’s 30-year anniversary in March, Doroshow said.

“I think we’ve been good neighbors, but it’s been a terrific place to work,” said Pasquale. “We’re spending money on this building because we want to put Elsmere on the map.”

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