Law Firm Partners Teach at a Delaware Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Seminar

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011, Don MarstonJessica Welch and Matt Fogg spoke before 100 assembled attorneys and insurance adjusters about the Delaware Workers’ Compensation Law.

Don Marston talked about permanent impairment claims from the claimant side. He spoke to the assembled group about when to try and when to settle these claims. Permanent impairment claims are lump sum benefits that injured worker’s may receive to compensate them for permanent injuries.

Jessica Welch spoke on issues of causation to the assembled group. Workers’ Compensation will pay only for injuries caused by on the job injuries. Jessica talked about how claimants and their attorneys can prove these injuries in order for them to seek compensation.

Matt Fogg talked to the group about ethical issues in discovery and Industrial Accident Board hearings. Lawyers must follow a code of ethical rules which govern their conduct while representing injured claimants before the Industrial Accident Board.

Jessica, Don and Matt received excellent feedback from those in attendance about the quality of their presentations.

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