Doroshow, Pasquale Celebrates 35th Anniversary


\The Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya are pleased to announce the firms’ 35th anniversary. In March 1978, the firm opened with one office, one attorney and one client. Since that time, the firm has become one of the fastest growing offices in the state of Delaware, with seven offices and a staff of 90.

The primary focus of the law firm has always been on the consumer. Founding partner Eric Doroshow states, “The practice of law has changed a lot in 35 years. There are still some basic concepts that have never changed. Client service has been and remains number one in our mind. Making sure folks know their rights is one of our more important responsibilities to the community. After that, helping solve legal problems becomes much easier.”

Eric Doroshow was the first attorney in Delaware to advertise and was the first lawyer to open satellite offices throughout the state. We remain one of the only law firms to maintain fully staffed offices throughout the state.

35th anniversary

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