Alex Fajardo Volunteers to Teach ESL Program

Law Clerk Alex Fajardo was thanked by the Latin American Community Center for his volunteer work teaching English as a Second Language. Excerpt from the LACC August Newsletter:

Volunteer Values His Students The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program at the LACC benefits from volunteers who teach and tutor English language learners. Thanks to these dedicated volunteers, motivated students learn English faster and more thoroughly. Alex Fajardo makes time to volunteer between studying for the Delaware Bar and clerking for Doroshaw, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya. “Teaching English at the Adult Education Center is easy, fun and incredibly rewarding,” Fajardo says. “The materials are provided and simple to follow, and students always appreciate your service. One can’t help but be inspired when seeing many eager students brave through some of the coldest, snowiest days–often having to wait for public transportation–to get to class and give 100% effort. Their example really heightens my sense of pride as an immigrant and makes me happy to be a part of this community. The lessons I’ve been taught through this experience are impossible to get anywhere else.” For more information about volunteering for the ABE/ESL program, contact ABE instructor Amy Ackerman, Email:


We are proud of Alex for his dedication to the Spanish community.

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