What is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of the road, right in the middle, passing vehicles on both sides. It is also referred to as lane sharing. Lane splitting car accidents in Delaware can be dangerous, so it is important to reach out to skilled vehicle collision attorney for legal guidance.

Is Lane Splitting Illegal?

While anyone who is operating a motor vehicle should do so with the highest regard to safety, Delaware doesn’t have any specific laws relating to lane splitting. In other words, it’s not illegal.

In Delaware, especially during the summer, you might enjoy riding your bike on the open road to head to the beach, check out some of the cities or soak in the warm weather. It’s within your rights to share the road with other motor vehicles, as long as you do so in a safe manner.

While lane splitting can be dangerous, skilled drivers can do it masterfully. As a licensed driver, it is well within your rights to operate your motorcycle safely. If you get involved in an accident that can be attributed to lane splitting, you should consider obtaining the services of a lane splitting accident lawyer in Delaware.


Lane Splitting Accidents Can Result in a Variety of Injuries

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you can suffer a variety of injuries, including:

When accidents can be attributed to lane splitting, they are considered comparative fault accidents. This means the motorcycle driver may be partly at fault, depending on the judgment. Contact a lawyer immediately if you get into a motorcycle accident to discuss your options.

Call Your Motorcycle Lane Splitting Accident Attorneys in Delaware Today

For over 30 years, our legal representatives have taken on countless motor vehicle accident cases – including those involving lane splitting and motorcycles.

While a courtroom might be biased against the motorcycle driving who is lane splitting, the practice is not against the law, and you are legally entitled to drive your motorcycle safely within the confines of the law.

We serve clients all across the great state of Delaware, including all towns in Kent County, New Castle County and Sussex County. If you get into a lane splitting accident anywhere in the state, get in touch with us — we are entrenched in all of Delaware’s communities and we are familiar with local law.

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