At The Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya we love our furry friends! That is why we are supporting the Faithful Friends Animal Society and their mission “to end neglect, abandonment and killing of pets in Delaware and enrich the lives of people by promoting and providing compassionate animal-related welfare and social services.” In order to support the shelter’s mission, we will be covering the adoption costs of a dog each month over the next few months with our Give a Dog a Home Sponsorship! We are thrilled by the opportunity to provide these pups with the safe and loving homes they deserve. The sponsorship of each animal covers spay/neuter, a microchip, and any age appropriate vaccines. 

Please visit Faithful Friends’ website to see the adorable dogs they have available for adoption! Now is the perfect time to adopt as more people are working from home and have the ability to take care of and acclimate a new pet. We hope that you will join us in our mission and adopt your very own dog in the process! If you have the resources, space, and desire for a pet, please make adoption your first option! For more information on this dog sponsorship, please feel free to contact us at and