Injuries can happen in various ways on a business owner’s land. Accidents often occur on commercial property, such as restaurants, banks, or grocery stores. Property owners or managers who fail to keep guests on their land could be liable for ensuing injuries.

You have the right to pursue legal action after getting hurt on commercial property. With the help of our skilled personal injury attorneys at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya, you could recover the compensation you deserve. Enlist the help of a Bear commercial property premises liability lawyer today.

When Are Business Owners Liable for Someone’s Injuries?

Not every injury that occurs on commercial property is the property owner’s fault; however, it may be possible for an injured person to recover financial compensation when the property owner fails to take steps to prevent an injury.

Commercial property owners owe a duty of care to their customers. This duty involves informing customers of dangerous hazards and addressing them as soon as possible. The longer a business takes to warn guests of a hazard or address a dangerous situation, the more likely they are to be liable.

Negligent business owners are generally responsible for injuries people sustain on their commercial property. That said, many exceptions could protect them from liability. For example, a business owner does not owe a trespasser the same duty as other visitors. Trespassers only have a viable case for compensation when their injuries result from a wanton or intentional act by the landowner. A knowledgeable attorney in Bear could help people injured on commercial property determine whether they have a valid premises liability claim.

What Damages Are Available?

When an injured person successfully sues a commercial property owner, they can collect damages for the losses resulting from their injuries. These damages cover the plaintiff’s physical, emotional, and financial losses. A premises liability lawyer in Bear could pursue the following types of damages from the negligent commercial property owner:

Lost Wages

Serious injuries make it difficult—or even impossible—for an injured person to return to the workforce after sustaining an injury. Injured employees could miss out on weeks or months of wages as they recover. One of the most important aspects of a personal injury lawsuit is recovering lost wages from the at-fault party.

Medical Costs

The top priority for many people who are injured on commercial property is ensuring their medical care is paid for. These costs are overwhelming, especially when the injured person does not have health insurance.

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain is a common side effect of a serious injury. When someone suffers physical pain and suffering due to the negligence of a commercial property owner, they could be entitled to compensation. Damages for pain and suffering are subjective, making it difficult for the court to put a value on them. The good news is that an experienced legal representative could prove to a jury what a pain and suffering claim is worth.

Contact a Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney in Bear Immediately

Do not let a serious injury on commercial property send your life into a tailspin. You are likely facing significant medical costs, lost wages, and excruciating pain. Fortunately, you can pursue justice and the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our Bear commercial property premises liability lawyers at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today to learn more.