Verdicts and Settlements:

Since 1978, we have represented thousands of consumers hurt in auto and work accidents. Although each case is different, here are some verdicts and settlements we have gotten for consumers:


Confidential settlement for a thirty-two year old undocumented man paralyzed in a work accident. The injury occurred when bales of recycled material toppled onto a forklift; our client was crushed by a 2,500 pound bale of copper.

The family of a gentleman struck while traveling home from work resulting in his death awarded $365,000.00.

Gentleman involved in an auto accident on I-95 caused by a driver that was under the influence of alcohol. Policy limits of $100,000.00 tendered by the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

Woman trips and falls over an unsecured floor mat, striking her head and causing permanent sensory loss. Through the course of discovery, it was established that the defendant had been aware of the hazards the floor mat posed. Claim was settled for $190,000.00.

Gentleman involved in a serious automobile accident caused by another driver that hooked a trailer up to his vehicle that was too large. As a result, the driver lost control of his vehicle and caused serious injury to our client. Policy limits of $200,000.00 were tendered.

Woman traveling on a motorcycle seriously injured when a vehicle traveling in front of her failed to secure livestock cages it was transporting, resulting in one of the cages falling from the vehicle and striking our client. Claim settled for $245,000.00.

Woman struck in the eye with the end of a comb by a hair stylist while having her hair done for her wedding resulted in injuries requiring two surgeries. Claim settled for $175,000.00.

Gentleman who suffered seriously leg injuries while working with a stump grinder awarded $635,000.00. (Inquisition hearing)

Gentleman who suffered gunshot wound to the eye awarded $985,000.00 (binding arbitration).

Pedestrian struck by vehicle resulting in TBI injury settled claim for $225,000.00.

Family of four involved in an automobile accident while on a family outing awarded $125,000.00. (New Castle County Superior Court verdict)

Child’s death caused by hospital negligence awarded $6,650,000.00 (Sussex County Superior Court verdict)

Iron worker falls 13’ from construction beam, awarded $2,300,000.00 (New Castle County Superior Court)

Married couple struck by a drunk driver. Combined liability settlement of $100,000 plus an additional combined UIM settlement of $85,000 for a total settlement of $180,000.00

A woman was severely injured while struck by a truck while exiting a country club. The club failed to have adequate signage at their exit and resulted in our client being struck by an oncoming truck as she left the property. She was awarded $2.5 Million dollars (New Castle County Superior Court verdict).