Since 1978, we’ve collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for healthcare providers from automobile and workers’ compensation insurance carriers. We will work closely with your office to make sure your bills are paid promptly at the highest reimbursement rates from the resources that are available.

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February 16, 2016–New Bulletin from the Delaware Insurance Department

December 22, 2015–Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule Update

December 8, 2015–Workers’ Comp to adopt ICD-10 Codes

September 2015–Seminar announced-save the date!
February 2015–Changes to the Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule
July 28, 2014–House Bill 373 Creates Changes to Workers’ Compensation
May 13, 2014–Healthcare Guideline Changes
April 28, 2014-Provider Certification Update
February 2014 – Hold/Cold Packs Rate Change
January 2014 –WC Pharmacy Formulary Changes
October 2013-Patient Medical Records Requests
September 3, 2013: When PIP Coverage Extends Beyond 2 Years
August 8, 2013-Breaking News-PIP Coverage Expanded
July 1, 2013–Breaking News–Governor Signs HB175
June 2013: Maintaining Your Workers’ Compensation Certification
March 12, 2013: Common Insurance Questions for Healthcare Providers
November 28, 2012 – To Get Your Bills Paid Quickly, You Must Document the Claim
September 20, 2012 – Tips on Getting Your Medical Bills Paid, Part 2
August 13, 2012–Breaking News: Legislative update concerning physicians with multiple locations and physician’s assistants.
August 6, 2012–Tips on getting your medical bills paid
June 4, 2012-Which insurance company should be billed?
February 22, 2012-New State regulations for prescribing controlled substances
February 19, 2012-Medical Bill Liens
February 2, 2012-Workers’ Compensation 2012 Fee Schedule
January 30, 2012-Bill Reimbursements for Slip and Fall Injuries

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