Free Legal Information:

We have a vast library of free legal information about your legal rights that we are happy to provide to you. Our brochures are all accessible below in PDF format, or, can be mailed to you or picked up from any of our statewide offices. To request a copy, e-mail, fill out the Contact Us box, or call 1-888-734-6800, provide your name and address, and tell us what you would like. Or, if you would like to come by one of our offices to pick up any of our brochures, simply let us know your location preference and we will have it ready for you.


Free Brochures:

We have brochures available on the following legal topics available for pick up, mail, or immediate download:

A Message to Our Clients (an overview of all of our services)
PDF: A Message to Our Clients
PDF: A Message to Our Clients-Spanish (Un Mensaje Para Nuestros Clientes)

Automobile Accidents (Also available in Spanish)
PDF: Automobile Accidents-English
PDF: Automobile Accidents-Spanish (Accidentes Automovilisticos)

Workers’ Compensation (Also available in Spanish)
PDF: Workers’ Compensation-English
PDF: Workers’ Compensation-Spanish (Compensacion al Trabajador de Trabajo)

Bankruptcy (Also available in Spanish)
PDF: Bankruptcy-English
PDF: Bankruptcy-Spanish (Bancarrota )
Motorcycle Accidents
PDF: Motorcycle Accidents

Social Security Disability
PDF: Social Security Disability

Wills, Probate and Advanced Healthcare Directives
PDF: Wills, Probate and Advanced Healthcare Directives

Forms of Business in Delaware
PDF: Forms of Business in Delaware


Free DVD’s

Our TV show, DE Law, hosted by founding partner Eric Doroshow and featuring guest speakers on various legal topics, is shown on Xfinity Channel 28 in New Castle County on Mondays at 9:30, Wednesdays at 9:30 pm, and Fridays at 8:00 pm. Preview 3-minute clips of our shows here. We have full DVD copies available free of charge. Simply call or e-mail us and we will be happy to mail a copy of the show of your choice to you, or will have it ready for you to pick up at any of our statewide offices. We have the following DVD titles available:

Car Insurance featuring Shaku Bhaya

Civil Litigation featuring Eric Doroshow

How to Hire an Attorney featuring Tara Bustard

Medical Malpractice featuring Shaku Bhaya

Orthopaedics and Automobile and Work Accidents featuring Dr. Evan Crain

Orthopaedic Injuries featuring Dr. Michael Axe

Personal Injury featuring Arthur Krawitz

Social Security Disability featuring Angela Pinto Ross

Starting Your Own Business featuring Eric Doroshow

Trial by Jury featuring Eric Doroshow

Whiplash featuring Dr. Ronald Lieberman

Workers’ Compensation featuring Don Marston

Workers’ Compensation featuring Jessica Welch