You have the right to expect that the places you visit are hazard-free. However, this is not always the case. Often, injuries that occur on another person’s property cause devastating damage to anyone involved.

If you were injured because a property owner failed to exercise a duty of care to keep you safe, you might be entitled to financial compensation. A skilled premises liability attorney at Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya could help you hold a private property owner accountable for their negligent actions. Contact a lawyer today to discuss premises liability on private property in Elsmere.

What is Private Property in Elsmere?

Private property often includes houses and business buildings owned by one person or a group of individuals. A person might visit these establishments for social purposes or as a customer.

For example, a landowner might invite a friend over as a social guest. Likewise, an individual might visit a property to purchase an item from a business or provide a service to a company. However, although all guests should expect to be protected from any risk of danger while on a person’s land, property owners may hold different obligations to social guests and customers.

Obligations to Social Guests

A homeowner in Delaware is not responsible for a social guest’s damages. For example, if an individual visits their neighbor’s home for a social gathering and trips over a rug that the homeowner was unaware of, the property owner does not bear responsibility for their injuries.

However, if a property owner knowingly fails to address a danger that could harm a visitor, they could be held liable for the injured person’s losses.

Obligations to Guests Who Visit for Business Purposes

Unlike social guests, customers who visit a private property for business-related tasks should expect a more significant duty of care from a landowner. For example, the owner is liable if a painter visits a person’s home to paint their walls and trips on a crack in their driveway. A hazard sign is sometimes a sufficient warning to customers.

A seasoned premises liability attorney in Elsmere could determine what kind of a visitor a person is and establish what duty a landowner had to keep them safe.

What is a Guest’s Role on Private Property in Elsmere?

Although homeowners and business owners have specific obligations to keep guests safe, a visitor should exercise caution when entering another person’s land. For example, if a person—whether a social guest or customer—can see that a building is on fire and enters anyway, they cannot file a claim for damages,

Often, a viable defense for a property owner who acted negligently is to state that a guest knew a risk of harm. However, a local lawyer could file a premises liability lawsuit that proves a landowner did not properly warn a visitor of the hazard that caused their injuries.

Contact an Attorney About Premises Liability on Private Property in Elsmere Today

Although not every situation is the same, visitors who enter another individual’s property should not have to wonder about their safety. Instead, they should expect an environment that keeps them out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, injuries often occur on another person’s land.

Premises liability on private property in Elsmere could be easier to fight with the help of a hardworking lawyer. Call Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz, and Bhaya today to get started on your claim.