Purchasing a home is the biggest investment an individual will make. Whether it is his or her first or tenth purchase, it is always better to have a qualified Delaware real estate attorney attend the closing.

You owe it to yourself to make sure this large investment is done correctly by an experienced Delaware real estate lawyer who will handle all aspects of the property settlement. The required documents in such transactions can be tedious and lengthy. You want a lawyer experienced in handling such matters on your side, when it comes time for the closing on your property.

An effective real estate attorney will handle all parts of your real estate transaction. This can include even the most detailed and crucial aspects of the purchase or sale, including:

  • Reviewing all contracts
  • Reviewing all mortgage documents
  • Reviewing the title and survey
  • Preparing necessary legal forms like deeds, HUD1, mortgage and transfer tax documents

A review of all the contracts and mortgage documents involved with your settlement will make sure you understand the property agreements, any payments you must make and any taxes that you should be aware of. The review of the title and survey will check that the title is free and clear of liens and that the land survey is accurate. Your attorney will also prepare any forms that are necessary for closing and help you understand all aspects of the property transaction. Many of these documents are written in legalese; your attorney will help put them into lay terms for you.

It is the law in Delaware that you must be represented by an attorney to handle your property closings. The Law Office of Vivian Houghton not only handles all aspects of real estate law but also bankruptcies. Having a qualified attorney on your side at closing can make a difference with the legal aspects of your property settlement.

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