No matter how fast your vehicle is going, getting into a car accident can cause you to sustain injuries that can be debilitating or even lethal. If you get into an automobile accident that results in an explosion or a car fire, you may suffer life-threatening injuries.

It’s important to know that if you find yourself in this situation, it’s likely that you are entitled to benefits and financial compensation from a variety of parties, such as the car manufacturer, an auto repair shop and the driver of the other car, among other entities. Call an experienced vehicle crash lawyer today to discuss car accident fires in Delaware.

What Causes Car Accident Explosions and Fires?

You might not think that your car would catch on fire after an accident, but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. If a gas tank is punctured during an accident, the odds of your car catching fire increase substantially. It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes gas tanks get punctured because they are poorly situated by design. Such a design flaw could mean that you are legally entitled to financial compensation by the car manufacturer.

If your car catches on fire following an accident, you can suffer burns, skin injuries, scarring and other disfigurements. That’s on top of the broken bones, head injuries, and back and neck injuries that can result from typical car accidents.

In addition to the physical and psychological trauma you might have to endure following such an accident, it’s also possible that you will be expected to pay significant medical bills for the foreseeable future. Burn victims generally require many surgeries, and that alone could significantly affect your finances.

The good news is you may be entitled to considerable compensation after being involved in a car accident that results in a fire. With that in mind, enlist the services of a local lawyer who will work on your behalf to make sure you get the restitution that’s available to you.

Call a Delaware Attorney to Learn More About Car Accident Fires

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